Magical Lantern Festival in Birmingham


Thinking about going to Blackpool to see illuminations? Think again!

Our Magical Lantern Festival welcomed more than 110,000 visitors last year in London and is ready to light up Birmingham Botanical Gardens for the first time during this Christmas and upcoming Chinese New Year.

With a stunning lantern trail, all the ponds, woodlands, gardens, and pathways in Birmingham Botanical Gardens will be illuminated by handmade festival lanterns designed in China. To celebrate this 2,000-year-old Chinese festival, this event will feature some traditional Chinese lanterns such as bamboo pandas, grasshoppers, birdcages, and pagodas.

We have also brought lanterns featuring Santa and its reindeer, snowman, Christmas tree, and penguins to add more to the Christmas atmosphere! What’s more, one of the best-loved icons in Birmingham- Bullring Bronze Bull – has also been specifically re-created in lantern format, which will surely become a popular attraction in our festival.


To get more information, please check us out in Birmingham Mail: