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The Magical Lantern is drawing to an end, but did you manage to catch us on London 360? See interviews with our employees and get a further glimpse of the festival. Laurelle Campbell visited our festival and speaks about our premiere festival. She describes it as a ‘vision of light’! And speaking to some of our guests they seem impressed too.

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Reuters Coverage of the Festival

Someones compared us to Chinese Disneyland! It really feels like it. the atmosphere and the colours of the lanterns really makes every evening a celebration, for Chinese and English visitors alike! Reutuers covered over opening night of the festival, they got some great shots too. Check it out

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Premiere Night of the Magical Lantern Festival 2016

The Daily Mail took a few snaps of some of the celebrities that attended our premiere night of the Magical Lantern Festival. It was a fantastic event that wowed the crowds. At the VIP event we had a few performances including a lion dance. When the lanterns were switched on the crowd lets out a satisfying ‘ooo’ noise. After 8pm

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Buzzin’ about Buzzfeed

Now we are just about to open, we have given a few members of press a sneak peak. Buzzfeed have done some awesome day to night shots of our lanterns. It is incredible. Make sure you check out the Buzzfeed page and the festival!

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The Telegraph’s Coverage of the Festival

The Telegraph came over to Chiswick House Gardens to check out our Lanterns on Friday. See a slideshow of sneak peak images of our lanterns up at Chiswick House. We have a wide variety of lanterns, each depicting different scenes of various stories and characters. Go check up all the images by clicking on the link below.

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